Noorani – Mercy College Road Shut temporarily

A part of Palakkad – Ponnani Road from Noorani to Mercy college will be closed for traffic from 26th of May 2018 to 16th of June 2018. This is done in connection with some repair activities in the said stretch of road.  The vehicles going towards Ottapalam should take a deviation from BEM school junction –> DPO office Road —>KSRTC jn——-> Puthupalli theruv –> Vennakkara —> Thirunellai —> Mercy College.  The vehicles coming from Yakkara side should take the Thankam Hospital Road to reach Thirunellai. Cars,  Two wheelers and Auto rickshaws should deviate from Noorani Junction  and take the following road —> Vithunni Road — Big Bazar School Road —> Pattani Theruv .

What do you say?